On Saturday, January 11, 2014 the Goodland Police Department and Sherman County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at the 500th block of West 9th St. This warrant was in reference to information indicating that illegal narcotics were being sold from this residence. Officers and Deputies located various drug paraphernalia and illegal narcotics during the search warrant. Two individuals were arrested in connection with the search warrant. 

   This operation was part of a larger counter-drug effort currently being conducted by local law enforcement agencies. Chief Couch of the Goodland Police Department said “we are proud to work with our colleagues at the Sheriff’s Office to help address this problem affecting our jurisdictions. We will continue working to make Goodland a horrible place for drug dealers to operate.” 
Sheriff Burton Pianalto said “Our main focus has been the dealers of illegal drugs including Methamphetamine, Diverted Prescription Medication, and Marijuana. These individuals prey on the addicted to make money. Cooperation between the public and Law Enforcement is vital to building successful case against these predators. A note about Marijuana: The Law has not changed in Kansas; you cannot possess marijuana of any Quantity. Once you cross that state line, Kansas Law applies, Not Colorado’s.”

Release produced by Chief of Police Clifton Couch